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Nemesyn 2E on Forge

This page is designed to support the players that interact with the online gameplay of Nemesyn 2nd Edition, through the Foundry Virtual Tabletop.


starts at 7pm (est) on 8/12/2023

Currently, gameplay is focused on play-testing the system and the Adventures that will be included in the first official release.


Eventually, the server will support a sandbox setting for players to have quick and easy access to gameplay at nearly any time. It will support groups of Heroes or single players. The sandbox will be continual, and player's Heroes will advance in skill and renown as their fortune favors them.

How To

If interested in joining us, you'll need;


1. Create a Forge account (for "players")

2. Create a Discord account (for voice chat)

3. Join (or simply monitor) the Nemesyn Adventures

Facebook Group. This is where most information and news about the game is posted.

Simply contact the Administrator in the FB group (me) and you'll get a copy of the Nemesyn 2E QuickStart PDF. This will give you the basics of the game system, and what you'll need to know to operate in the VTT.

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