The Lost One

Children are missing! The people are on edge. The innocent are being persecuted for practicing dark magic! The nearby town of Acra is searching for brave Adventurers to undertake an expedition into a nearby swamp to discover and end this blight on their society.

This Adventure is currently in the play-testing phase of development. The release date is November 4, 2019.

The Lost One

  • This is a "Stand Alone" Adventure, meaning it can be played without needing any previous information or conditions by previous Adventures.

    There will be 18 New Hero Cards provided with this Adventure. This means that these Hero Cards are outside of the 265 card 1st Edition print.

    The Adventure is meant for 2-4 beginning players and Heroes.

    This Adventure is marked "STRONG CONTENT" which means it may contain themes or depictions of violence that's unsettling to younger players.

  • There are No Returns or Refunds for this product.
    However, if this booklet has a damaged page the player may, within 10 days of delivery, simply contact NemesynRPG via its Official Facebook Page and request a replacement.