This contains the bare essentials necessary to play the Nemesyn RPG. This will allow new players a glimpse into the Nemesyn game world and begin their journey into the Word of Serant.

The game components will be shipped in a large cardboard tuck box. Instructions will be included on how this box can be transformed into a Storage box for the player's Hero Card library.


  • The Hero's Journey Player’s Guide
  • Warrior 60 Hero Card Box
  • Fate 18-Card Pack
  • Portrait Card Sheath
  • BG-1 "The Village" Adventure Booklet
  • 1 Pre-Generated Hero Journal
  • 1 Blank Hero Journal


Players can also use this Core Set as a base to create their own Box Set. Many of the components used in the Box Set are available separately. This will allow players to chose exactly what they believe will aid their gameplay the most.

Nemesyn RPG Core

  • The Nemesyn RPG Core does not contain dice or a 1-minute timer, both are necessary for playing the game. The design of this product is assuming the customer already has access to dice and a timer. Although multiple character 'options' will be limited, this product does have enough Hero Cards to allow two players (one playing as Fate and the other controlling a Hero) to play the Nemesyn RPG.

  • There are No Returns or Refunds for this product.
    However, if this box set is missing a component the player may, within 10 days of delivery, simply contact NemesynRPG via its Official Facebook Page and request a replacement.