These 4 laminated worksheets are a useful resource and time savers for Fate. There printed on 120lbs card stock and covered with 5mil laminate. A blue DryEase pen is included. 


  • The Battle Sheet: This worksheet allows Fate to record monster info for Combat and easily adjust and track the Order of action during the Fight. 
  • Vital Hero Sheet: This worksheet allows Fate to record basic Hero Information to have at the ready for situations that occur during the Adventure. This is particularly useful for times when Fate must make "Secret" Challenge Rolls against a Hero's Resist or Senses. 
  • Grid Sheet: This is a simple Grid sheet (blank on the back) if Fate or players want to keep notes or show specific situations in more detail. Most RPG players will already have something of this nature, but another can't hurt...Right?
  • Hero's Journal: This was included for Hero creation, for those players that like to experiment with different concepts and ideas for their Hero. It's also quite handy for Fate when making temporary NPCs during an Adventure.

Laminated Worksheets

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