The small Hamlet of Posit is located on the eastern border of
the Principality of Essen, a satellite settlement to the Town of
Oponi. Posit is a silver-mining settlement, however, it’s
currently abandoned. The Hamlet lies at the foot of a large hill,
at the southern tip of the Ateven Hills. Posit has several recently
built, incredibly strong stone and wood buildings. The largest
of these is a Manor house of excellent quality and decoration.
It would be the envy of any Lord if it were occupied.


This can be printed and shipped to you if you'd rather not work from the PDF or spend the ink. This is a softcover (80lb glossy cardstock)24-page saddle stitch booklet printed on 32lb high-quality, glossy paper. In addition to the booklet, 3 'loose' Maps are also included;

  • Fate's Map of Hamlet
  • Player's Map of Hamlet
  • Fate's Map of Mine


What is GADA? It stands for Go Anywhere Do Anything. Every Adventure played is a piece of the Nemesyn Game system’s overall game world. GADA is an attempt to form a type of "sandbox" game world. While this is common in other RPGs, Nemesyn approaches it differently. Each Adventure is associated with a GADA booklet to set the location that the Adventure unfolds. But the location is separate from the Adventure. The Adventure details specific characters, events, and quests. After the monster is defeated and the quest complete, the location still remains. This location and some of the characters that live there can be easily reused an infinite number of times. Fate can incorporate these locations into other Adventures, or even the Hero's players can purposely seek them out to gain access to the resources they might possess, such as ingredients to a Recipe, a specially bred warhorse, emergency supplies while on a different adventure, a side quest generated by Fate, etc.

Hamlet of Posit

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