GBK-1: The Marketplace


GBK-1: The Marketplace IS NOT an Adventure or GADA Booklet.


The Marketplace is a supplemental booklet for the Nemesyn RPG. This booklet will aid Fate (game master) in the creation and management of the various resources a Hero will find in a settlement throughout the World of Serant. Fate can use this information to maintain consistency in gameplay. It's important to remember this information is a guide, by no means, does this mean that Fate cannot change this information as needed during an Adventure.


This booklet can be particularly useful in detailing settlements, non-player characters, wealth, markets,  and the cost of certain resources, such as ingredients, for Heroes that seek to create Recipes and Rituals. 


This can be printed and shipped to you if you'd rather not work from the PDF or spend the ink. This is a softcover (80lb glossy cardstock) 24-page saddle stitch booklet printed on 32lb high-quality, glossy paper.

GBK-1: The Marketplace

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    This supplemental booklet is available to players (in PDF) for Free. Simply click the link.