In the Hamlet of Posit, a low born merchant struggles to keep a bad investment afloat. Matters are made worse when a band of Goblins invade and settle in the Hamlets only source of revenue – a silver mine. A brave Hero is needed to clear the mine and discover the foul truth that’s hidden in plain sight.


This Adventure has been designed to allow players that do not possess any of the NemesynRPG Game resources, i.e. Books, Hero Cards, Portrait Cards, etc., to play. This Adventure is made for 2 players, Fate and Hero. It's important to remember, without Hero Cards, this will only give a quick glimpse into the Nemesyn Gameworld.


This can be printed and shipped to you if you'd rather not work from the PDF or spend the ink. This is a softcover (80lb glossy cardstock) 24-page saddle stitch booklet printed on 32lb high-quality, glossy paper. In addition to the booklet, 9 'loose' information sheets are also included;

  • Fate's Map of Hamlet
  • Player's Map of Hamlet
  • Fate's Map of Mine
  • 2 Game Handouts
  • Player Character (Hero)
  • 2 Hero Cards sheets for the Hero
  • Nemesyn Game Reference Guide


This Adventure uses the location covered in the GADA Booklet: Hamlet of Posit. Although not necessary to successfully play this Adventure, it's highly recommended that Fate have that GADA Booklet on hand.

FRE-1 Gold Mine!!!

  • There are No Returns or Refunds for this product.
    However, if this booklet has a damaged page the player may, within 10 days of delivery, simply contact NemesynRPG via its Official Facebook Page and request a replacement.

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    It should be noted that some basic level of RPG player experience will be needed to play this Adventure.

    This is a brief glossary of terms and book symbols, that will help you understand some of the "code" in the booklet. Link


    In the 'Fate's Guild' section, other resources can be found such as Battle Sheets for combat Link, Monster Guide Sheets, and other information that might be useful