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First Edition Nemesyn (Rev1) Player's Guide Book

This Player's Guide Book will introduce you to the Nemesyn game world and help you in your travels through the World of Serant. It contains the core mechanics of the Nemesyn RPG system. It will take you through the Step-by-Step instructions of Forging a Hero.

This guide will introduce you to Attributes, Abilities, Traits, Races, Origins, Backgrounds, SkillPaths, Skills, Gods, and Prayers. It will outfit your Hero with the gear, armor, and weapons they will need on Adventure. It will introduce you to the game's combat and spell system.

The pages within this book are text-heavy and artwork-lite. It contains numerous examples, notes, recommendations, and warnings. It contains appendices and a glossary of Quick-Find information. If you're a new player to the genre or RPGs, it will help teach you how to play. If you're a veteran, it's designed to expand your gaming experience.

First Edition Nemesyn (Rev1) Player's Guide Book

  • GAME

    This book contains an RPG system that will require 6 polyhedral dice, pencils, some paper, an imagination, a few hours, and a few friends.


    There will be No Refunds available for this product. If the book is damaged upon delivery, please contact NemesynRPG through its Official FaceBook page for a replacement.


    After ordering, please expect a 7-10 day time frame for delivery within the continental United States. Europe, Asia, and Australia should expect longer delivery times.

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