Booster Pack, Dominion


This pack contains 18 cards (12 point 305gsm black-core matte card stock) that are selected randomly from the library of Solace Infernum BETA Edition.

Each pack contains approx;

  • 10 Common cards
  • 5 Uncommon cards
  • 3 Rare cards


This pack is designed to be a quick and inexpensive method to increase the number of Hallow, Fane, Soulmaster, and Malice cards in your card Library. The Malice cards selected are specifically used by the Hallows, and the Player, not Combatants.

Booster Pack, Dominion

  • There are No Returns or Refunds for this product.

    However, if this box contains damaged cards, the player may, within 10 days of delivery, contact NemesynRPG via its Official Facebook Page and request a replacement.

  • This game concentrates on depictions and themes of death and the afterlife in various Mythos. The creatures shown on the cards and the adult themes of the game may be unsettling for some players. It's recommended that players be over the age of 16.

    It's also important to note that players sensitive to graphic imagery, and prone to night terrors, deeply consider the consequences of participating in this game.