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Hushel are often referred to throughout the Realm as halflings, half-elf, seeds, and carns. The latter two are derogatory and commonly used as insults. Hushel are the offspring of a Human and an Elf parent or two Hushel parents. Those with dominant human traits are almost identical to humans, though slightly smaller. Those with more dominant elven traits are almost identical to Elves, though slightly larger. However, the trait they both have in common is their ears. Hushel ears have a more pronounced point than the round human ear, but less than the full-blooded elf’s.


Unlike Hauflin and Halorc, Hushel do not experience any significant cultural bias or discrimination. This is due, in large part, because they’re either mistaken for a human or elf. Hushel inherited much of their elven parent’s capabilities and also Resive’s Curse. Resive’s Curse is a peculiarity that prevents Hushel from learning the Sylvan language. Although nearly every other race can learn the language, Hushel cannot. Nor are Hushel considered Sylvan, by beast or elf, or feel the yearning to return to a Sacred Grove.

Hushel Nations


Essen, Sun

Figures of Lore

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