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Humans are the most prolific race in the Lands of Sera. Their true strength isn’t in numbers, it’s in their ability to adapt to any environment and assimilate knowledge gained from others. Physically, humans are incredibly average. So average, they’re used as a base example when comparing the capabilities of other humanoids.


All humans in the Lands of Sera are descended from one of the original ‘tribes of man’. These are the Brus (the Northmen), Neand (the fire-eaters), Miak (the Great builders), Hinslea (the Travelers), Ashen (the Horselords), Kenkari (the Quiet), Hinol (the Water-lords), Vineer (the Herdsmen), or Shone (the Traders).


Humans create more multiracial settlements than any other race. Although monoracial settlements are quite common for dwarves, elves, and Hauflin, it’s almost unheard of for humans. For this reason alone, human cities tend to be the largest and most prosperous in the land.

Human Nations

Brus - Athune, Basot, Malkyr, Uhgorith, Kinst, Pendarca, Diithera

Kenkari - Nokin, Xenath, Yoklia, Sai, Sun

Neand - Neand Tribal Lands, Sirea
Maik - Aralet, Yshura
Ashen - Ashen Tribal Lands

Hinol - Ison,  Gorgon, Tyre, Borderlands

Shone - Saelic, Apien, Thorn, Tenall, Tressen, Havor, Shone Tribal Lands
Vineer - Bishan, Kale, Darkhold, Junis, Porden, Viseret, Blackrock

Figures of Lore

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