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Hauflins are often referred to throughout the Realm as halflings, hobbies, spits, and chunks. The latter two are derogatory and commonly used as insults. Hauflins are identical to humans in nearly every way except one, their diminutive size. The Hauflin are the offspring of a Human and Dwarf parent. However, Hauflin themselves may also have children. Those born to two Hauflin parents are considered to be “pure” blood and this often plays a major role in Hauflin society and its aristocracy.


Hauflins are commonly found in multiracial settlements. However, there’s a clear dichotomy in the experiences of the Hauflin that live there. The skilled, wealthy, or affluent Hauflin live their lives free from anything other than normal struggle. The poor, weak, or unskilled Hauflin typically find themselves living as outcasts. They often become vagrants and beggars and the targets of other (larger, stronger) vagrants. Because of this danger, Hauflins often form all-Hauflin settlements, known as “Hobby’s” or “Hobbytowns”.

Hauflin Nations

Hauflin Freehold, Kinst

Figures of Lore

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