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Halorcs are often referred to throughout the Realm as halflings, half-orcs, scraps, and korots. The latter two are derogatory and commonly used as insults.The Halorc are the offspring of a Human and Orc parent, or two Halorc parents. They resemble humans in many ways and can easily be misidentified at a distance or in low light. However, they’re larger and less comely than most humans and often have a light green, or grayish skin tone (depending on the orc parent). They also have ears that rise to a point.


Halorcs are not viewed favorably by the inhabitants of multiracial settlements. They face bias based on the many wars fought with tribal orcs. Because of this, they find themselves ostracized by society. As children, unless the Halorc has the sturdy support of family,  they often find themselves alone and at the mercy of others. Here, they typically become brutish and violent. They’re employed as bodyguards, cutthroats, and hired muscle in the criminal underworld.  


Halorcs do enjoy one advantage in multiracial settlements. They’re the primary recruiting target for the local militia or standing armies.

Halorc Nations

Principality of Bourge, Etera

Figures of Lore

Drenn the Conqueror

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