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Gnomes are often referred to throughout the Realm as halflings, giffers, and spits. . The latter two are derogatory and commonly used as insults. They’re commonly mistaken for Hauflins as they are nearly identical in size. However, Gnomes are more slender and generally considered more comely.


Gnomes are the offspring of an Elf and Dwarf parent, or two Gnome parents. The Gnome is but one outcome, children from these two races can be an Elf, Dwarf, or Gnome. Gnomes rarely are raised in multiracial settlements. Those that are, typically come from more wealthy or prominent families. Gnome children are normally raised in elven or dwarven settlements.


Gnomes inherited Resive’s Curse, a peculiarity curse that prevents them from learning the Sylvan language. Nor do they feel the yearning to return to a Sacred Grove.

Gnomish Nations


Figures of Lore

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