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Elves are slightly shorter and slimmer than humans. They’re naturally attractive and have slender ears that rise to a point. Although friendly, they can be arrogant, with a polite and patient manner. The Elven race is a member of the Sylvan, a group of woodland creatures created by the God Resive. The Sylvan were created to be guardians and wardens of the natural world. Elves were specifically chosen to protect fauna. They lived in hidden settlements, known as Sacred Groves, deep in the forests.


The elves were one of the first humanoid races created. After the other humanoids were created and established themselves in the world, they flourished. Some of the elves, watching from their Groves, grew curious about the outside world and those in it. They left their Sacred Groves and explored. Eventually, these ‘wayward’ elves forged kingdoms (known as a Promise) of their own. All elves known in the world are descended from one of these wayward Elven groups, Loran, Erisan, Attil, Ergel, Herin, or Moori. Although forbidden, for fear of the corruption they might bring, all elves have a deep yearning to return to a Sacred Grove.

Elven Nation

Loran, Erisa, Herin, Dytese, NightMoor

Figures of Lore

Loran Commander Sola "Thin" Dacifel

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