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Dwarves are shorter than most humans and are similar in appearance. Their body shape is broad and stocky, giving them a particular gait that makes them easily recognizable. They’re often bearded, fun-loving, excessive eaters, drinkers, and notoriously quick to anger.


All dwarves descend from Moorsknir, a near-immortal being considered to be the first Dwarf. Moorsknir had four sons, Nordnir, Sudnir, Austnir, and Vestnir. The sons, each had families of their own, thus creating the four tribes of Dwarves.

Before Moorsknir passed to the planes beyond he had his sons promise that they would go their separate ways. Moorsknir knew the nature of his sons and knew they’d eventually destroy themselves, after his death.


Honoring their father’s wishes, the four sons and their clans split. Nordnir went to the high mountain of the north. Sudnir went to the crags and lowlands of the south. Austnir went east and departed Sera to nearby shores. Vestnir boarded ships and sailed into the unknown.

Dwarven Heroes are normally either from the Nordnir or Sudnir tribes. However, there are still small scattered clans of Austnir and Vestnir in Sera.

Dwarven Nations

Sudnir Freehold, Mountain Vale, Iron Vale, Norda,

Morning Vale, The Broken

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