This area is primarily for those players acting as Fate (game master).

It contains PDF Print friendly files that allow Fate to create a 3-Ring binder of "Monster Guides" which they can tailor for the Adventures they manage.



Bear, Black

Legend: 7   Attack: 9   Endure: 14

Black bears are the most common bear encountered in the wilderness and rural areas. They’re unimposing, medium-sized animals that rarely attack without provocation. They have a narrow muzzle, small and rounded ears, and thick, soft fur
with dense underfur.

Bear, Diitherian

Legend: 8   Attack: 10   Endure: 16


Diitherian bears are intermediate-sized animals. They resemble black bears but tend to be more aggressive, with a bigger build, and do not climb trees. They have a broad muzzle and small and rounded ears.


Bear, Grizzly

Legend: 12   Attack: 11   Endure: 24


The Grizzly bear is one of the most feared animal encounters for travelers. They have thick fur that ranges from tan to dark brown. These bears have a pronounced hump on their back at the shoulders. Its face is slightly depressed, with short-rounded ears.

Bear, Cave

Legend: 15   Attack: 12   Endure: 28


Cave bears, also known as the short-faced bear, are hyper-aggressive predators. They generally live as omnivores, but will never shy away from an easy meal. The bear is massive, and broad, with long legs and a short face.

Cat, Mountain

Legend: 7   Attack: 10   Endure: 14


The Mountain lion is a slender and agile large cat. They are excellent at ambushing prey and often attack creatures far larger then themselves. The creatures are excellent climbers and can leap up to 15 feet while carrying prey.

Dog, Wild

Legend: 3   Attack: 9   Endure: 5


The wild dog is nearly everywhere in the Lands of Sera. The only places they tend to avoid are the desert, arctic, and mountainous regions. They have a long muzzle, large, bat-like ears, and a coarse coat of short fur with a bushy tail. They have keen senses and are excellent pack hunters. Although able to bark, they rarely do unless attempting to force prey into the open.

Dog, Guard

Legend: 5   Attack: 9   Endure: 6


The dog is incredibly loyal and dedicated to its master. Its hair is often short and course, with various colors and patterns. A well-trained Guard dog can be expensive. However, this training affords the owner will have a wide variety of commands and actions the dog will perform.

Dog, War

Legend: 6   Attack: 10   Endure: 8


This impressive mass of muscle, in a relatively compact space, gives the war dog incredibly stable footing in combat. Its hair is often short and course, with various colors and patterns. Because of the extensive training, the war dog can be extremely expensive.

Goblin, Common

Legend: 1   Attack: 8   Endure: 6


The goblin is a small humanoid race that’s gaunt of face with sharply pointed ears, teeth, and tongue. They’re surprisingly strong for their size and far more intelligent then given credit. After humans, they’re the most numerous humanoids in Serant.

Horse, Courser

Legend: 7   Attack: 7   Endure: 16

The Courser isn’t as hardy as the Destrier but its versatility, and relatively low cost makes the Courser a favored among warriors. It’s a relatively long, medium weight horse that’s been trained to be reliable on the battlefield.

Human, Average

Legend: 1   Attack: 7   Endure: 8

The ‘average’ human lives in settlements or farms and performs tasks and duties that keep society stable and flourishing. These are the commoners, aristocrats, laborers, farmers, and merchants that are encountered every day.

Human, Militia

Legend: 3   Attack: 9   Endure: 15


These humans have volunteered to guard settlements from the dangers that lurk in the shadows. These are the citizen-soldiers that fight against the threats that dwell inside or outside the walls.


Human, Guard

Legend: 6   Attack: 10   Endure: 18


These humans are commissioned by the local authority to guard and keep order within the settlement.  They are bound by a code of established laws that enforces the will of the community.