This is the character information and Hero's Journal for the Hero in the current Pick-Your-Path Game currently being played at the Nemesyn Facebook page.

Use this information to help choose the right path for the character.



Harassment & Bullying


GBK-2 Poison!
Adventure Resource will be available


GBK-1 Marketplace
Adventure Resource will be re-released with the new game systems update.


GBK-3 The Immortals
Adventure Resource will be available


GBK-4 Guilds
Adventure Resource will be available


1FRE-2 Mira's Revolt
A PDF-play Adventure

As many of you already know there are massive game and website updates occurring. However, some of these new concepts and game mechanics currently lack sufficient content. We are currently looking for help from the gaming community to create some of this content.

If you choose to participate, you will be Paid for the content. The pay won’t be amazing, but there will be other game perks. You will be credited, and if the content is significantly used in future projects, you’ll be eligible for royalties.

For initial inquiries contact the Nemesyn Facebook page..

Understanding Adventures



Design & Codes