The Hero Cards in the Nemesyn RPG play an important part in gameplay. Although it's possible to play without using the Hero Cards, players would be unable to access several aspects of the game that truly makes the Nemesyn RPG a unique experience.

The Hero Cards are stored in three places during play, the Player’s Deck, the Card Library, and the Battle Deck. The Player's Deck is a small deck each player keeps near them. This is where special items their Hero has collected during the Adventure are kept. Did you find a magic ring, a potion? This is where it's kept. The Card Library is the player's collection of Spell cards. When a player wishes to create a spell that doesn't exist, they use these cards to craft the magic. The Battle Deck sits in the center of the table and is available to all. This is where special bonuses and skills can be drawn by the players during combat for their Hero to use. Be careful though, not only do penalties lurk among the cards but Fate (the game master) also draws from this deck for the monsters!


In the First Edition card set there are;

Common Cards

Uncommon Cards

Rare Cards




New cards for the Battle Deck

New cards for Spellcasting


Magic Items for the Player's Deck


New Relics for the Player's Deck

Penalty cards for the Battle Deck

New Rituals for the Player's Deck