The Hero Cards in the Nemesyn RPG play an integral part of gameplay. Hero Cards are not a novelty. You must have them to play, and Nemesyn cannot be played without them. They represent key facets of the Hero, and the environment, in many areas of the game.  Some represent physical objects like shields and swords, while others represent skills and effort.

All of these can be used by any Hero. How effective that Hero will be, is entirely up to how the Player designs the Hero. Hero cards are kept in a Player’s Deck until used. The Player’s Deck is unlike the normal deck in other card games. Every card in the Player’s Deck is available for use by the player during the game in no particular order or draw. The Player simply searches through and finds what they need.

The First Edition card set has 265 unique Hero Cards. The Player has direct access to 200 of these cards for the purpose of building/using their Player’s Deck. The other 65 cards are “Fate” cards and are titled as such. Although some of these can be used by the Player. The card must be awarded to the player by Fate, such as with Relics and Ritual spells.

However, the First Edition cards are not the only Hero cards in the game! Special Edition cards are also present. Special Edition cards come from Adventures, typically 18 cards, and are packaged with the Adventure (only). The only access the Player/Hero has to these cards is by discovering them while playing that specific Adventure. This adds incredible value and realistic feel to Relics and rare things.


In the First Edition card set there are;

93 Common Cards

67 Uncommon Cards

40 Rare Cards

65 “Special” Fate Cards