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Adventure Rumors

This page is where players can learn background information about the story. Hints and clues might be given here.


The curse placed on the Inn from an unknown source.


You have taken from me,

and now you shall fall.

Sorrow will be visited to one,

and to all.


"Buried deep, hidden well,

A Dark Secret no one can tell,

But shadows loom and whispers spread,

Soon the truth will rear its head."


Death will hide and close around,

you will suffer for what you’ve found,

You will not escape my sight,

You will not escape this night.”

You've met a female Hushel, Illayan. She seems very serious, purpose drive. By her words, you get the impression she some sort of bounty hunter. Killed in fight with Elf

You've met a male human, Eadric Salmon, the barkeep of the Buck's Brawl Inn.

You've met the male dwarf, Bosago. He's from a foreign land, you don't know from where, his accent is thick and hard to understand. He and his friend Anton seem defensive. Killed in fight with you.

You've met the human male, Anton. He's friends with the dwarf, Bosago. Anton seems to be a 'follower' or sidekick. He and his dwarven friend seem defensive. Killed in fight with you.

There are several pieces of parchment attached to the "posting Board" in the common room.


Wanted: Dosrog the Reaver

Half-orc male, with a muscular build and a scarred face. Often seen wearing studded leather armor. Leader of a band of raiders who have been pillaging travelers on the Savage Road.

Reward: 15 gold


Wanted: Unknown

Elven or Hushel, with long black hair and wearing a dark cloak

Seen fleeing the murder of Isobel Canto in the area Phocis

Reward: 25 silver


Wanted: Sillea Doe

Human male, bald, speaks with Apien accent, often seen wearing studded leather armor. Theft, and burglary.

Reward: 15 Silver


Wanted: Unknown

Elf wearing a dark cloak. Seen fleeing the murder of Lileas Bosin from her home in Sorrow’s Gate, Acra

Reward: 25 silver


Missing: Mairead Reed

Human female, short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, wearing a blue dress. Disappeared from home in Dy’Vol during First Spring.

Reward: 10 silver for information of her whereabouts


Wanted: Illayan Medic

Female Hushel, light brown long hair, member of the Borderland Guard. Murder. Treason.

Reward: 15 Silver


Missing: Althea the Wise

Elf female, with long golden hair and sparkling green eyes, wearing a green dress. Disappeared on the road to Horesmere. Additional Reward for information leading to the recovery of the Eye of Teskinar.

Reward: 15 silver for information on her whereabouts


Missing: Ceit Altori

Human female, with short blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a red leather jack. Disappeared from the Pack & Mule tavern in Phocis during Summer’s Color

Reward: 10 silver for information on her whereabouts

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