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Greetings Heroes

This is the Home of the Nemesyn Roleplaying Game

Nemesyn is a medieval fantasy tabletop Roleplaying game that attempts to bring immersive complex storytelling to players. The game mechanics is a collection of familiar rules, and new concepts
that are blended together to create a unique gaming experience. The stories found in this game are created to represent a more realistic and grittier environment without losing the wonder and promise of a high fantasy setting.

Site Update


This site is still under construction. Although, the basic outline is posted and some information is available for current games and players, the bulk of the information that will be added is currently unavailable.

Game Mechanics


Nemesyn uses a d20 Roll-High system but isn't a clone of 5E / Pathfinder / OSR or a homebrew campaign setting. It's something different. A unique game with its own lore and design.​

Nemesyn uses a Class / Skill-based hybrid system that balances the structure of Classes and the flexibility of Skills. It allows players to pick and choose components from traditional Classes to form unique SkillPaths.

Nemesyn uses a
system of both XP and Milestone progression. It allows  Heroes to excel and advance, and players are given total control over what exact advantages their Hero will receive.

There's no rigid Alignment. Instead, there's a morality system that moves and changes as the player’s choices guide their Hero’s actions.

Nemesyn doesn't use Armor Class. Attacks against an opponent are solely the domain of the Hero's skill and Tactics.

Armor is used to Absorb damage in a quick, clean simple process.

Spells require a Challenge Roll for success.

Nemesyn uses a realistic but fast Fatigue/ Carry/ Encumbrance system

The player chooses a blend of information that introduces a Hero's Race, Origin, and Background that creates incredible depth for backstories.

The game uses a GADA (Go Anywhere, Do Anything) world system.

Facebook Adventures
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PART 30 5/27/2023

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